Free Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Workshop in Helena

Find out if a Rotator Cuff Tear is causing your symptoms and learn how to treat without medications, injections, or surgery.

This workshop is for you if:  

*** You're losing sleep or can't find a comfortable position to sleep in.

*** You've missed work because of shoulder pain.

*** You've missed out on family vacation or you've given up your hobbies such as golf, bowling, or tennis because you're afraid of aggravating your shoulder.

*** You've found yourself worrying more about your shoulder pain than living your life. You've had enough and just want to be back to normal.  



Tuesday 6:15 PM

Fischer Physical Therapy

1200 N. Montana Ave *New Location*


(The first building North of the Capital City Healthclub parking lot)

During the workshop, I will discuss in detail:

*** The 4 muscles of your rotator cuff and how to test for a tear without having to get an MRI.

*** The most commonly injured rotator cuff tendon and how to heal it naturally without relying on medications, injections, or surgery.

*** The top 2 most powerful self help techniques you can do to accelerate healing.

*** The single biggest #1 mistake shoulder pain sufferers make that cause them to end up in surgery.  


For those of you cannot make the time and date of this workshop, 


About Your Presenter  

Bobbie Bliss Rasmann, MSPT, received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1993 from Texas Woman’s University. Bobbie practiced in the Phoenix metro area for 13 years before moving to Helena with her husband and two children in 2006, at which time she joined Fischer Physical Therapy. Most of her clinical focus has been in outpatient orthopedics, emphasizing hands-on treatments which help restore normal neuromotor function and structure mobility. Individualized education is also an important component of her approach to promote long term success and prevention of re-injury.  

Shoulder rehabilitation is one area of specialty that Bobbie has pursued during her 25 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics. Bobbie also has extensive experience in treating patients following shoulder surgery as well as individuals with recreational, sports or overuse injuries that do not require surgical intervention. Proactive patient involvement in the therapy plan of care is strongly encouraged to optimize positive outcomes. When not caring for patients in the clinic, Bobbie enjoys spending time with her family doing activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and snowshoeing.


Here is what some former patients have to say: 

"Worked with Bobbi for a couple months to address pinched nerves in my neck. I have had previous experience with PT's in town and never really felt it was successful. It was completely successfully with Bobbi. She knows her business and finds ways to get you....or me.... in this do what is needed to make progress. And that may be the most difficult part of making PT effective. I learned a lot, have resolved the problem to a point that I didn't frankly think possible and am more than satisfied with her efforts. Can't recommend her enough......." -Greg Olson

"I have seen a few different physical therapists over the past several years and, while each helped in some way, nobody has provided the kind of relief that FPT has. I work with Bobbie, and she's amazing. She is sensitive, no-nonsense, and highly skilled. Her knowledge, hands-on work, and the exercises she prescribes have completely changed my body and the chronic pain I've dealt with for years. Really excited to continue working with her and keep making progress." -Corrina

"I was referred by my physician to Bobbi for some knee pain. We soon discovered that I had other issues and started addressing those. The knowledge and expertise that the whole team portrays is top notch." Give them a try and you'll see." -Casey Redder

Kate Dartman with Bobbie Rasmann, PT

"After suffering a rotator cuff injury, I sought the PT services of Bobbie Bliss Rasmann at Fischer Physical Therapy. I started receiving physical therapy on my injured shoulder. Along with therapy, I also worked on the recommended stretching and resistance exercises. 

Bobbie thought I would benefit with a combination of both physical therapy and dry needling. I had never done dry needling before, but Bobbie explained the procedure very carefully and thoughtfully. I was ready to try it and I was comfortable with the technique. Bobbie explained exactly what she was doing in a very calming manner as she placed the needles. She would constantly check to see how I was feeling. After only a few sessions of dry needling, I was absolutely and positively convinced of the benefits! 

The ache that was associated with the rotator cuff tear had significantly improved and my range of motion also improved. I feel that I have made positive gains with my recovery and I thank Bobbie for her expertise, care and professionalism!" -Kate Dartman

"By the time I found Bobbie Rasmann, my shoulder was hurting so badly I thought surgery was inevitable. I wasn’t sleeping at night; I wasn’t able to lift or move without pain. I was cranky and near tears all the time and wasn’t able to enjoy doing even the littlest of things. And, unfortunately, I aggravated the situation because I’m from the old school where we were taught to work through the pain. But with the help of Bobbie, we were able to rehab my shoulder without any surgical intervention. My treatments included hands-on therapy, dry needling, posture correction and at-home exercises. I’m now back to doing all the things I love and most grateful to Bobbie and Fischer Physical Therapy for helping me get there." -Lynn Meyers

"If you could choose to get better without debilitating drugs or energy-sapping surgery, you certainly would, right? Physical therapy, under the guidance of a skilled and compassionate provider such as Bobbie Bliss Rasmann, is that very choice.  

With Bobbie’s expert help, I rehabilitated a torn rotator cuff and now enjoy a fully functioning shoulder. Even though the surgeon to whom I had been referred was eager to cut, I insisted that physical therapy be my first option. Despite his adamant resistance, I worked with Bobbi and avoided not only the surgery with its attendant risks, but also the lengthy and life-limiting recovery period -- a positive outcome indeed.  

I am currently working on a wonky knee and, with Bobbie’s able assistance and encouragement, expect to be back on the trails this summer.  

With physical therapy, you are in charge of your healing to an extent not possible with drugs or surgery. And with a physical therapist of the sterling caliber of Bobbie Rasmann guiding and encouraging you, healing is on the horizon." -Donna