Free Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop in Helena

Learn how to manage your symptoms without pain killers, injections, or surgery.

This workshop is for you if:  

1. You are looking for a natural way to handle your pain.

2. You're concerned about missing work or your low back pain is threatening your livelihood.

3. You're afraid of disappointing your family and missing out on precious family moments because of your back pain.  

4. Your back pain is stopping you from enjoying the simple things of daily life.

5. You've had enough and just want to get back to your normal self. 



Tuesday 6:15 PM

Fischer Physical Therapy

1200 Montana Ave


(We have the entire top floor of the first building North of the Capital City Healthclub parking lot)


*The common causes of Low Back Pain and Sciatica and how these express themselves as symptoms in the body.

*How we use conservative physical therapy interventions to address the root cause to provide a means for healing and physical restoration.

*Common misconceptions that often lead people to do more harm than good.


For those of you cannot make the time and date of this workshop, 


About Your Presenter  

Matthew Fischer, PT recieved a masters degree from UM and started practice in 2000. He and his wife Kelly founded Fischer Physical Therapy in 2004. Over 3000 patients later, he continues to focus on addressing the root cause and resolving their pain and physical limitations. Fischer PT strives to liberate Helenans from relying on pain pills, gettting them active and mobile as they return to their favority activities.  

He has spoken at national conferences in San Diego and Orlando. He has consitantly taken continuing education classes all over the country to learn from many of the best approaches in treating spine related pain. 

In early 2018, Matthew was awarded the first place in the Independant Record "Best of Helena" vote under the Best Physical Therapist category...and just announced, 3rd place for this year.  

He is married to his wife Kelly for 24 years, and they have 5 children, their daughters Hannah (a college junior), Grace (a college freshman), Sarah (HS junior) and Ellie (1st grade). Their lone son Gabe is a 7th grader. 


Here is what some former patients have to say: 

"When i first started Fischer Physical Therapy I had been nearly immobile and in intense pain for almost six months due to 2 bulging lumbar discs. Six weeks later and I now have no pain, and am becoming as active as I was before my back issues started. Matthew truly works with me as an individual and coaches me how to heal myself. He has identified and is helping me correct root physical and neurological challenges that have directly and indirecty caused my complaints." Mark Earnhardt

"I came to Fischer Physical Therapy convinced I had lower back issues due to pain. A complete assessment was made by staff and I was surprised to hear that my ankles, leg muscles and hip joints were the root of my problem. Thanks to them I have very little lower back pain now and I continue to improve." -Hoyt Richards

"I attended the Core Reprogramming class with Dr. Fischer and had several sessions with him while I was playing football here at Carroll College. He immediately identified root problems that attributed to my injury, and the Core Reprogramming class was amazing. I directly attribute my on field successes with what I learned in that class!" -Dustin Rinker (all time leading rusher, Carroll College)

Ryan Fetherston

Born and raised in Helena, MT, I live an extremely active lifestyle whether it's competing in sports, hunting, hiking for sheds, or coaching. That all would come to a sudden halt during my 2019 summer break when I suffered a herniated disk. Unsure what to do or where to go, I remembered a fellow coaching colleague referring Dr. Fischer to me. One call, I had an appointment scheduled that same day and from that point on we started the healing process. I was instantly comfortable working with the Fischer Therapy Team, from the front desk to the physical therapy staff, you can feel the energy. Dr. Fischer has helped me become more aware of my injury, body, and the process it was going to take to get me back to hiking in the mountains. I am forever grateful for Dr. Fischer and the Fischer Physical Therapy Team for welcoming me to their team and helping me get back on track to being active again. -Ryan Fetherston

Monica Grable

I've seen vast improvements with my overall health and joint discomfort, in particular my lower back pain has virtually disappeared. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Matthew Fischer and staff for the excellent care I've received! -Monica Grable

Dr. Jesse Standish, OD 

"In May 2018 I suffered two different falls and injured the same area of my lower back. After several months of icing, stretching, and rest, there was still no relief. It hurt to stand, to sit, and especially get out of bed. I made an appointment with my PA and after seeing her, she recommended that I go see a physical therapist. I chose Fischer Physical Therapy because of their reputation. My first appointment with Matthew was at the end of September and have had 7 more appointments since. Through a combination of physical therapy, laser treatments, strengthening exercises, and more, my back pain is gone. I even hunted last weekend in rough terrain without any issues. Now do not think it was that easy. This required lots of work at home. And I’m not done yet. I want to get to that point where my back is beyond merely pain-free and is built up to be able to sustain a fall like before without a setback. I am headed in the right direction. Thank you Matthew Fischer and his wonderful staff at Fischer Physical Therapy!" -Dr. Jesse Standish