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  • WHY: You MUST train: Matthew Fischer, MSPT will be giving new insights on the dire need for everyone to do some training on a daily basis. Come away with a new understanding of what is going on in the breakdown of our bodies in the modern world and simple strategies to start fresh to begin feeling and moving younger. He will also discuss the real concerns and consequences that occur in the body without this approach. This presentation will include both motivation and practical applications to take back control of your body for a new and better you.
  • Core Reprogramming Activator: The Fountain of Youth Exercise Tool - The CRa is a patent-pending exercise tool that Matthew Fischer, MSPT invented to fast-forward the transformational system of Core Reprogramming. It started with the quest to develop a more complete and effective exercise method to address the unique problems presented to our bodies in the modern era. The CRa uses the application of neuroscience in a deep way to tap into the root causes of the breakdowns in the body to restore the youthful circuitry of the original design. Come and see first hand how the CRa effectively removes stress markers collected in the nervous system to unlock restrictions, re-connect youthful circuitry, and recharge the energy pathways for robust movement.
  • Osteoporosis: Bone Building 101 - Bobbie Rasmann, MSPT will discuss important components needed for building stronger bones. Some key points that will be covered include how to correctly load bones, basic facts about nutrition and supplements as well as essential exercises that should be a part of a bone building regimen.
  • Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Workshop - In this 50-minute workshop, Bobbie Rasmann, MSPT will teach you about the four muscles of the rotator cuff and how to test them. You will learn the single biggest mistake that shoulder pain sufferers make and how to work on solving a shoulder pain issue.
  • Low Back Pain and Core Stability Workshop - Matthew Fischer, MSPT will give a 50 minute workshop to help you gain a better understanding of the different types of low back problems and the approaches we use to successfully treat these. You will come away inspired to take new action to handle low back issues and even prevent them from occurring. Examples of exercises and manual therapy treatments will be discussed. Plan to leave with a whole new understanding of what core stability truly is and how you can get started!
  • Reducing Systemic Inflammation Through Diet - Chelsea Harper, DPT, BA in Health Sciences, will give a 50 minute presentation on the basics of nutrition to reduce systemic inflammation and optimize blood sugar levels to keep your body well. She will also expose some widely accepted dietary guidelines can actually be contributing to poor health and give evidence based updates to these recommendations.
  • Catch Your Breath: How Intentional Breathing Can Improve Your Health - Chelsea Harper, PT, DPT, will give a 50 minute interactive presentation on how breathing optimally can improve core stability, endurance, stress response, and reduce pain levels. She will guide you in a breath work exercise that you can perform and progress on your own to improve breathing habits and improve your well being.
  • The Power of Perspective over Chronic Pain - Paul Elcan, PT: Let's talk about pain. Recent research finds that our thoughts, fears, and emotions have much more effect on our persistent pain than actual tissue damage. Pain experience is a complex thing that is driven much more by our nervous system’s level of excitability than damage in our knee, hip, back, or shoulder. Join me for a change in perspective on pain that truly has the power to effect your pain experience for the rest of your life.

Presentations Will Be Held In Our New Education Center, Located On The Main Floor Of Our Building.

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Community Guest Presentations

Shaun Riddle, ND

Drainage & Detox as the Foundation of Health - We live in a time of unprecedented exposure to environmental toxicants coming from our food, air & water. At the same time, we are exposed to toxins generated by infections and mold exposure. Unfortunately, our current exposure is outpacing our ability to clear it. It isn't any wonder that the rates of chronic disease have skyrocketed. The process of drainage & detox are the first steps to reversing these chronic health conditions.