This approach to exercise is so unique and difficult to briefly describe...if your are interested, simply click the button below and you will see all the information on CR and this particular class. Then, if you'd like to sign up you can from there. 

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Trail Runner: The Essential Return to Trail Workshop


With the "Don't Fence Me In" 30K only a few months away, come in and allow Carley Bostrom, PTA discuss the keys to getting your body prepared for the rigors of the uneven ground we all love. Carley is an accomplished ultra trail runner who has the advantage of understanding the injury aspect to this sport at a very high level.  

This workshop will be interactive, so you will be able to clearly see what your key deficits are, then exercise recommendations will be given for correction. Our trail workshops have been very popular, so we are expecting a full house. 

Expect to have some fun and conclude this workshop in about 60 minutes. 

Start time 6:15 PM...All other details will be emailed to you :)  

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Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Workshop


Bobbie Rasmann, PT, will lead this masterful presentation again! For all the details, click the link below. 

Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop


Matthew Fischer, PT, will help you understand the true cause of you pain and what you can do about it. For all the details, click the link below

 Athletic Performance Version


My first ever "Athletic Performance Version" of Core Reprogramming. It contains the same basic class, but a much higher level of the physical component that targets the nervous system. This class also has a faster pace. If you are an athlete who wants to take it to the next level, don't miss this amazing opportunity.  

Workshop Speakers

Bobbie Bliss Rasmann, MSPT, received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1993 from Texas Woman’s University. Bobbie practiced in the Phoenix metro area for 13 years before moving to Helena with her husband and two children in 2006, at which time she joined Fischer Physical Therapy.  

Most of her clinical focus has been in outpatient orthopedics, emphasizing hands-on treatments which help restore normal neuromotor function and structure mobility. Proactive patient involvement in the therapy plan of care is strongly encouraged to optimize positive outcomes. Education is also an important component of her approach to promote long term success and prevention of re-injury after the rehabilitation treatment process.  

Matthew Fischer, PT began his physical therapy career in 2000 and started Fischer Physical Therapy in 2004. He has always had an affinity toward getting to the root cause of tough, chronic musculoskeletal problems. He has studied under some of the best minds in the US in the field of applied neuroscience. In 2017 he was awarded "Best Physical Therapist" by the Independant Record Best of Helena vote. He is an innovator by nature and created Core Reprogramming in 2008. But his crown jewel in Helena is his family; Kelly (wife and co-owner Fischer PT), Hannah, Grace, Sarah, Elizabeth (daughers) and son Gabe. 

Chelsea Harper, MS, DPT began her career as a doctor of physical therapy in June of 2015. Her passions and interests revolve around becoming truly well in every facet of life, so that she may live joyfully and intentionally, and guide others to do the same.  

Over the past 5 years, her passion for the outdoors, wellness, and simplicity has led her to find joy in trail running, hiking, CrossFit, paddle boarding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing…to name a few :)  

She has personally experienced incredible improvements in her quality of life through improving diet, pursuing exercise that builds up the body, and seeking simplicity to minimize daily stress on body, soul, and mind, and wants to share this information with others.

Carley Lohof, PTA started her career at Fischer PT in August 2013 as a licenced physical therapist assistant. She enjoys living and promoting an active lifestyle and helping individuals reach their goals. Through the years, Carley has competed as a long distance track runner, road racer, and trail runner. She prefers the uneven terrain and challenge the trails offer. She loves the PPLT Don't Fence Me event and is a 3 time finisher of the RUT 50k at Big Sky. One of her greatest interests in physical therapy is conservative treatment and restoration of the running athlete. Her favorite trail is Casey Meadows Trail to Casey Peak.

Megan Tatz-Morey has lived in Montana over 16 years and considers it her home. She moved from Bozeman to Helena in 2018 with her husband Woodie and cat Duke. An avid foodie, she loves trying new recipes and exploring new ingredients. Megan also enjoys yoga, reading, and hiking in the warmer months. Please join her for a crash course on successful meal plan and prep customized to your family’s specific needs. 

Megan is lead receptionist at Fischer Physical Therapy.  

Coming April 2020, One on One Personal Training at Fischer PT!

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*Some of the information in the talks may be outside the scope of PT, in which case we will not be speaking as physical therapists, but from the science background of our education. This is permissible, but we do not want in any way to mislead the public that these talks are purely physical therapy. 

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